A Bold Future

Southern California has suffered hard over the last decade, but the potential of this region is no less limited than when the Chamber was formed.

The best days of Los Angeles are still to come — if citizens, corporations, labor groups, elected officials and educators come together to achieve this potential.



Challenging times require bold plans. When the Chamber celebrated 125 years of success in 2013, it embarked on a seven-point program to achieve Los Angeles' potential:

  • National leader in job creation and start ups
  • No. 1 place for emerging tech
  • No. 1 global trade hub
  • Gold standard for world-class destinations
  • Most engaged business community
  • No. 1 advocate for business
  • Most qualified and skilled workforce

This is an agenda to bring the Los Angeles region back to its position as a center for economic growth, with good paying jobs, a superb system of education, and a hotbed for new ideas and technologies.