Bold in Business

For 125 years, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce has championed the needs of the business community and the citizens of the Los Angeles region.

This work has taken on many forms — from serving as the voice of the business community in the halls of government, to promoting economic development and fostering collaboration throughout the community — all in an effort to ensure economic prosperity and quality of life. 



 Since its founding, the Chamber has led efforts to drive the potential of this world capital. Over the years, we’ve:

  • fostered the development of rail, the port and airport
  • grown entertainment and tourism as economic hallmarks
  • advanced the arts and health care, drawing people from throughout the world
  • nurtured the growth of aerospace and advanced technology
  • helped create the infrastructure (water, power, highways) to drive a great economy
  • provided programs to help businesses connect to schools, expand college access and develop the workforce for the 21st century.

In the process, the Chamber not only found success in each of the activities it undertook, but also helped create the most broad-based, sustainable regional economy in the nation.