L.A. Area Chamber Timeline

The Chamber has championed the needs of the business community and the citizens it serves for more than 100 years.

1888   Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce founded
    Chamber holds first meeting at livery stable at First and Broadway
1889   After just five months, the Chamber relocates to its second office at the Northeast corner of First Street
1890   Frank Wiggins, pioneer of Los Angeles developments, joins Chamber staff as Superintendent of Exhibits
    The federal government explores development of deep water port in Los Angeles after Chamber presents a resolution to Congress
    Chamber relocates for a third time to office space on Main Street between First and Second
1891   Chamber sends a liberty bell of oranges to the Citrus Carnival
1893   Chamber aides the creation of Southern California Fruit Growers and its nonprofit organization Sunkist
    Wiggins orders construction of famous walnut elephant for the Chicago World's Fair
1894   Chamber relocates to its fourth location at Fourth and Broadway
1895   Free Harbor League forms to lobby for San Pedro site
1896   Conventions department of the Chamber secures National Education Association Convention, representing the first national convention held in Los Angeles
1904   Chamber relocates to its fifth location at 130 S. Broadway
1910   Chamber organizes the first international Dominguez Air Meet at Dominguez Field
1913   San Fernando Valley Aqueduct opens after extensive lobby made by the Chamber
1918   Chamber hires photographer Eyre Powell to help transform Los Angeles into a household name in America
    Dr. Ford Carpenter joins Chamber staff as manager of the new Department of Meteorology and Aeronautics
1921   Chicago livestock entrepreneurs receive Chamber support in developing the Central Manufacturing District and the Los Angeles Junction Railway
1925   Chamber relocates for the sixth time to 1151 Twelfth Street
    Junior Chamber of Commerce organizes to promote trade and extend manufacturing within the state
1927   Stanley T. Olafson, Chamber staff member, initiates World Trade Week to increase community knowledge about the value of foreign trade
    Municipal airport actively supported by the Chamber
1931   Photographer Newton Berlin joins Chamber staff to document factories, large industries and small businesses
1932   Los Angeles hosts the Olympic Games
    Women's division organizes to assist with Olympic visitors and forms the Southern California Festival of Allied Arts
1938   Chamber officials mobilize Los Angeles community to support federal wartime preparedness
1942   The Chamber's Free Enterprise Committee becomes Free Enterprise Forum to help spotlight cases of federal interference in business and dangerous governmental practices
1946   Chamber successfully fights for legislation to finance construction of freeways in Los Angeles
1956   Chamber relocates for the seventh time to 404 S. Bixel
    Air Pollution Control District and Chamber create "Share the Ride" campaign
1958   Chamber attracts Dodgers to Los Angeles
1967   Chamber changes name to Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
1971   Los Angeles Convention Center opens through Chamber efforts
1973   First Break Program for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) students begins its inaugural year representing a partnership between the Chamber and LAUSD to place thousands of students in their first jobs
1984   Olympics return to Los Angeles through support of Chamber
1985   Chamber testifies before Congress on behalf of Metro Rail System
1993   Chamber's advocacy efforts result in passage of NAFTA
1994   Chamber coordinates with Red Cross, FEMA and other governmental agencies to provide earthquake victims relief
    Chamber relocates for the eighth time to 350 S. Bixel St.
1998   Alameda Corridor construction begins after a decade of advocacy from the Chamber
2002   Chamber and L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Agency create Mobility 21 to lobby for transportation solutions and funding
    Chamber leads successful effort to defeat the secession of San Fernando Valley, San Pedro and Hollywood from the City of Los Angeles
2003   Chamber acquires LA Youth at Work and partners with UNITE-LA to form new Education & Workforce Development division
    Elected officials participate in new Chamber program called Pancakes & Politics Breakfast Speaker Series
2005   Chamber creates partnership with Southern California Leadership Network, which includes core programs Leadership Los Angeles and Leadership Southern California
2006   Chamber co-sponsors term limit reform for the L.A. City Council
    Chamber and other business organizations support $40 billion in infrastructure improvements for California
2008   Chamber supports the fifth school bond issue to relieve overcrowding in LAUSD
    Chamber co-sponsors Proposition 11 which creates a citizens commission to draw new legislative districts after each census
    Chamber successfully supports Measure R, a half-cent sales tax for Los Angeles County that would finance new transportation projects and programs
2009   Chamber lobbies the Mayor and L.A. City Council to create an Office of Economic Analysis
    Chamber sponsors first Americas' Business Forum for the Americas with UCLA and the U.S. Foreign and Commercial Service
2010    Partnered with United Way of Greater Los Angeles to release the Home for Good report on chronic homelessness
    Launched the L.A. Compact with 18 major L.A. institutions to support comprehensive reform in L.A.'s public schools
    Achieved passage of open primary election proposition, which allows voters to choose any candidate regardless of political party preference
2011   The Chamber is selected to house the Los Angeles Regional Export Council, a collaborative effort to encourage and assist companies looking to begin or increase trade activity
    The Chamber is appointed as the ninth Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) to the World Bank, which will help California companies compete for new business stemming from World Bank contracts.
2012   Proposition 28, co-sponsored by the L.A. Area Chamber and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, passed in June. The proposition will reduce the allowable time in office from 14 to 12 years without extending the term of any sitting legislator.