2016 Endorsements & Positions

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State Ballot Measures

Prop 51

California Public Education Facilities Bond Initiative - SUPPORT

Prop 52

Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act – SUPPORT

Prop 53 

No Blank Checks InitiativeOPPOSE

Prop 54

California Legislative Transparency Act - SUPPORT 

Prop 55

Tax Extension to Fund Education & Healthcare - NEUTRAL

Prop 56

Tobacco Tax to Fund Healthcare, Prevention, Law Enforcement - SUPPORT

Prop 57

California Parole and Juvenile Trial Opportunity Modification Initiative - SUPPORT

Prop 58 

California Multilingual Education Act - SUPPORT

Prop 60

California Condoms in Pornographic Films Initiative - NO POSITION 

Prop 61

Drug Pricing Relief Act - OPPOSE

Prop 62

California Death Penalty Repeal - NO POSITION

Prop 63

California "Safety for All" Gun Control Initiative - NO POSITION 

Prop 64

Marijuana Legalization - OPPOSE

Prop 65

California Carry-Out Bag Revenue Initiative - OPPOSE

Prop 66

California Death Penalty Procedure Regulation Initiative - NO POSITION

Prop 67

Ban on Single-use Plastic bags. Referendum. - SUPPORT


L.A. County Ballot Measures

Measure A: Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Measure - OPPOSE

Measure M: LA County Traffic Improvement Plan - SUPPORT

Measure CC: LACCD Affordable Education/Job Training/Classroom Safety Measure - SUPPORT


City of L.A. Ballot Measures

Measure JJJ: Build Better Los Angeles - OPPOSED

Measure RRR: DWP Charter Amendment - SUPPORT

Measure HHH: Homelessness (GO bond) - SUPPORT