Proposition 68

Proposition 68 - CA Drought, Water, Parks, Climate Coastal Protection & Outdoor Access for All Act - SUPPORT


Proposition 68 (Formerly SB 5) California Drought, Water, parks, Climate Coastal Protection and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018.This ballot measure would authorize the State to issue $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds for state and local parks, environmental protection and restoration projects, water infrastructure projects and flood protection.


Proposition 68 would authorize California to issue $4 billion in general obligation bonds to fund projects and programs that address water quality and supply, and environmental protection and restoration. Water quality and supply programs and projects would receive $1.27B in bond funding (30 percent) and environmental protection and restoration projects would receive $2.83B in funding (70 percent). Between 15 and 20 percent of bond funds would be required to fund projects in communities with a median household income below 60 percent of the statewide average.

Major Project and Program Categories:

  • Groundwater clean up to improve water quality
  • Flood protection and repair
  • Clean drinking water and drought
  • Parks in urban and disadvantaged communities


  • Improves state park tourism
  • Helps address backlogs of deferred maintenance in State Parks
  • Invests in rural communities