Stand Up for Business on Oct. 17

Gary Toebben

October 9, 2012

It is the state of affairs today that elected officials often make their decisions based on who has the loudest voice or the most supporters in the room. In other words, the perceived risk to a political career often trumps economics and good judgment. To be successful in this environment, you cannot merely have the facts on your side, you must show that you can provide political pressure and have civic impact. That is why I am challenging the business community to join us at ACCESS L.A. City Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 17. 

At ACCESS L.A. City Hall we will show our elected leaders that the business community is passionate about and dedicated to the creation of new jobs and fiscal stability in the City of Angels. The message will be clear our agenda is focused on the creation of jobs and the fostering of good government. We will combine thoughtful positions with an outpouring of business support for an agenda based on reality not rhetoric. We will bring the power of both economics and politics to the table.   

We need your presence on Oct. 17 to deliver this message loud and clear. As political columnist and commentator Mark Shields has said, "There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals or organizations that you can rally to your cause, the better."

If good men and women who believe in free enterprise and the importance of creating private sector jobs sit on the sidelines, our economy will suffer and so will our quality of life. Join us on Oct.17 and be part of an engaged business community that is committed to growing jobs and building our tax base to provide the employment opportunities and public services that our citizens need and deserve. I look forward to seeing you at ACCESS L.A. City Hall. Register today

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