Proposition 31 No Hype, Just Common Sense

Gary Toebben

November 5, 2012

The voters of California will decide the fate of 11 statewide ballot initiatives tomorrow, but only one of those initiatives offers the hope of meaningful government reform.

Proposition 31 will make common sense changes in how decisions are made and money is appropriated in our state capitol. The reforms are the result of thoughtful input from conscientious citizens across the State and research done by nonprofit foundations that came together to address the disfunctionality that plagues Sacramento.  

Proposition 31 The Government Performance and Accountability Act, will bring accountability and transparency to state government and shift more decision making to local governments.

Proposition 31 will:

  • Require the Legislature to find funding sources before making new spending commitments;
  • Shift decision making from state government to local schools and cities;
  • Require performance based budgeting for state and local governments;
  • Require greater public transparency in the state budget process; and
  • Establish performance reviews for state departments.

Hundreds of local elected officials, business leaders and nonprofit activists from across the State have endorsed Proposition 31. What you won't find on the endorsement list is the power structure in Sacramento and the organizations that are pouring millions of dollars into the other initiatives on tomorrow's ballot. They don't want a system with transparency or accountability and they don't want decision making to be transferred from the State to local governments.  

Proposition 31 is a common sense initiative that will serve the citizens of California, not the people who work in Sacramento. Join the Chamber in voting Yes for Proposition 31.

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