Thank You for Caring and Investing In Los Angeles

Gary Toebben

November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

When the Pilgrims gathered together in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 to thank God and their Native American friends for a bountiful harvest and helping them survive their first year in a foreign land, they began a wonderful national tradition.

Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, but for many of us, it is an opportunity to thank God for the blessings we have in America. It is also an opportunity to thank family and friends for being a part of our lives.

Saying thank you is something that most of us learn as children, but it’s much more than being polite. It is an acknowledgement that none of us can be successful or happy without the help and support of others.

Part of being thankful is giving back. Last Saturday, thousands of volunteers participated in the United Way’s HomeWalk to raise awareness of homelessness and money for Home for Good, an initiative of the United Way and the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce to end homelessness in L.A. County. I am thankful that so many people turned out to help on a rainy day and that so many other volunteers will be at work this Thursday serving Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless and those who need the companionship, neighbors and strangers on this special day.

I am also thankful that we live in a nation where control of government is determined without bloodshed. And that the first meeting between President Obama and Congressional leaders on the fiscal cliff last Friday sounded a tone of compromise and willingness to work together.

More people are employed in Los Angeles County and California than a year ago and I am thankful for the businesses whose hard work and skill in the marketplace added jobs and investment to our state and county.

We have much more to do as a city, county, state and nation to put everyone back to work, but I am thankful to you, the members of the Chamber for the progress we are making. With thanksgiving and optimism we look forward to the future.

And that's The Business Perspective for Thanksgiving 2012.

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