The Time is Now

Gary Toebben

January 29, 2013

Every so often we have the opportunity to make a significant change in the vision and direction of our government. For the voters of the City of Los Angeles, the 2013 election is one of those times. Nine out of 15 City Council seats are at play in this election, and of those nine seats seven will be filled by new officials as the incumbents are termed out or not seeking another term. These newly elected councilmembers will likely serve 12 years in these positions, setting the agenda for economic development, public safety, city services and much more. 

This is a watershed moment in L.A. politics and the L.A. JOBS Political Action Committee of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce has stepped up like never before to engage and have impact on the outcome of this election.

The L.A. JOBS PAC chooses who it supports based on a simple criteria: which candidate will work to create jobs, grow our local economy and make decisions based on what is good fiscal policy for the citizens and taxpayers of Los Angeles.

To that end, the trustees of the L.A. JOBS PAC Board have raised more than $650,000 so far for this election. The PAC has endorsed five candidates for City Council and has committed funds to run independent expenditure campaigns in support of four of these candidates.  

List of endorsed candidates:

Council District 1:             Assemblymember Gil Cedillo
Council District 7:             Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes
Council District 11:           Mike Bonin
Council District 13:           Alex de Ocampo
Council District 15:           Councilmember Joe Buscaino

But our work is not done. We need to raise more revenue to impact the March 5 primary election, and have the band width to carry our candidates to final victory, if necessary, in the May 21 run-off election.  This is where we need the entire business community to step up.  

For those who have given to the PAC, please give more. For those who have yet to give, this will be the most important City election of this decade. Now is the time and place for the business community to influence the future prosperity of our great city. Please act now

And that's The Business Perspective.

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I did not see any endorsement of a candidate in the 9th Council District. As a long time chamber member and small business advocate, I would urge the PAC to support David Roberts for City Council in District Nine. David is very experienced in the operations of City Hall and has a proven track record of pro business accomplishments. South Los Angeles needs fresh new leadership and I have worked with David Roberts and I know he is the best candidate to lead South Los Angeles back to greatness.
Posted by: Michael Banner @ 7:56:00 am

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