Center for Education Excellence & Talent Development

The success of the future lies in the youth of today.

The Chamber is a leading advocate for education improvement and works to enhance public education, provides programs to help businesses connect to schools, expands access to higher education, and develops a 21st century workforce capable of competing in a global economy.


Programs & Initiatives 

L.A. Youth at Work

As part of the Chamber's efforts to assist Los Angeles's young adults obtain crucial entry-level job training and work experiences, we are excited to launch the L.A. Talent Challenge! We are challenging ourselves to have 500 more companies sponsor OR hire at least one intern this summer!


The Chamber helps streamline the hiring process through its Work Readiness Certification – a key component of the City of L.A.’s HIRE LA’s Youth campaign. Successful completion provides youth with a portable credential certifying that they possess the basic skills necessary to obtain and retain employment. Employers gain access to a qualified pool of youth candidates for open positions and receive exposure through the HIRE LA’s Youth Initiative.

Cash for College

Designed to increase college access and success, seeks to inform, assist and reward program participants. Since 2002, we have helped nearly 238,000 students and their families prepare for college and apply for financial aid.


Systems Change & Strategic Partnerships

L.A. Compact

L.A. Compact is a bold commitment by Los Angeles leaders from education, business, government, labor, and non-profit sectors, to transform education outcomes from cradle to career, ensuring that today’s youth have the skills necessary to compete and succeed in a 21st century global workforce.



Established as a non-profit in 1998, UNITE-LA is an affiliate of the Chamber and works as a dedicated community partner promoting high-skill, high-wage career opportunities and the college, career and life readiness to prepare local youth for these opportunities.


Los Angeles Workforce Systems Collaborative

The Los Angeles County Regional Workforce Development System comprises business, civic, education and workforce development and philanthropic leaders committed to leveraging the collective and individual assets of these systemic partners to create pathways to high demand, high growth industries, and sustainable careers to ensure the economic competitiveness of the L.A. Region.


Business-Education Partnerships

Linked Learning 

Linked Learning connects rigorous instructional content, skills, and deep thinking to relevant experiential learning in order to ensure that our students are well equipped for both college and career.


L.A. Regional STEM Hub 

The Chamber developed a the Los Angeles Regional STEM Hub  (L.A. STEM), which develops operational concepts for collaboration to enhance and expand the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), including critical thinking and the arts (STEAM), to explore engagement opportunities and to promote collaborative efforts to advance high quality STEM education.



Issue, Advocacy & Expertise

Education & Workforce Development Council

The Education & Workforce Development Council convenes local business leaders interested in partnering with educators in an effort to improve public education, expand access to higher education and develop a 21st century workforce capable of competing in a global economy. As a result of the current economic climate, the Council is focused on boosting job recovery for today's workforce while preparing future generations of workers. Read the Council's 2019 priorities HERE.


Opportunity Youth & Smart Justice

Additionally, UNITE-LA is particularly concerned with the challenges facing youth who are Out-of-School and Out-of-Work. This population of critically at-risk youth needs special supports and on-ramps to ensure they become re-engaged in society. UNITE-LA employs staff to specifically support strategies aimed at changing outcomes for this high need population that includes Foster Youth, Transition-Age Youth, Probation Youth and Formerly Incarcerated youth.

To learn more about Smart Justice specifically, click here.

The Chamber, along with L.A. County and the Coca Cola Company, is connecting employers with qualified interns, including fully subsidized wages. If you are a company that wants to find your next great hire and help your community, click here

If you are an employer wanting to learn more about open and fair hiring practices you can choose to adopt based on your unique business needs, please click here for options.