California Export Documentation Alliance


  • Joining the Alliance is FREE and simple
  • Provide your members with added value, while supporting the local export industry
  • Users referred by partnering Chambers gain full access to Swiftdox, an LA Area Chamber vetted platform secured and powered by Fast Track Global Services
  • Strong domestic and international partnerships through Alliance network
  •  Multicultural: certificates are issued in multiple languages
  • Platform includes leading customer support



  • Discounted certificate processing pricing for member chamber clients
  • Profit sharing between alliance and member Chambers
  • Up to 30% revenue for member Chambers for each certificate issued to a client
  • Save on staffing or training to service exporter clients
  • Strict measures for client attribution to your chamber
  • Other chambers will not have access to your members through the platform


  • Online (remote) solution for exporters to easily expedite documentation processes
  • Cut certificate processing times in as much as 1/4 of the time -as fast as 1-2 days!
  • Process certificates with federal (CBP, FDA, USDA,) State, and international agencies
  • Certificate of Free Sale, Good Manufacturing Certificate, Certificate of Origin, etc.
  • Process multiple export certificates simultaneously with the legal appostilles for all countries
  • Keep up to date with strict domestic and foreign regulatory compliance
  • Certificates are widely accepted by U.S. and foreign agencies around the world


Don't be left behind - it's easy to join the alliance!
Free of cost, simple on-boarding process, and ready in 7-10 days.
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 Learn more about the Chamber’s Export Documentation services here.