Center for Global Trade & Foreign Investment

Center for Global Trade and Foreign Investment

Los Angeles is the global trade and investment hub of the United States.

The Chamber stands at the heart of international trade. The Greater Los Angeles Region, which includes the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura, is a truly global region and one of the most vibrant economies in the world.  The region’s exemplary educational institutions, diversified economy, industrial base and innovative character have been and continue to be a powerful magnet for global traders and investors. The region is, in fact, the “Trade Hub” between the Pacific Rim and Latin America.  This fact is supported by the over 14 free trade agreements and commercial treaties negotiated by the U.S. Government in the Pacific Rim and the region’s world class logistical comparative advantage.  


What Do We Do? 

The Center's team is widely recognized for their practical experience in developing, managing and implementing global trade and investment programs and strategies. These initiatives are designed to advance global trade and investment in the region, with a strong focus on export promotion, foreign direct investment and assisting local businesses build international relationships and expand their global reach.


How Do We Do It?

The Center is like no other in that it brings together local, regional, national and international leaders on a regular basis for all items relevant to trade and manufacturing. With its annual World Trade Week celebration, regular roundtable discussions, country and trade briefings, business matchmaking, trade missions and hosting of foreign diplomats and dignitaries, the Chamber has a tremendous voice in trade that impacts the Los Angeles area, the state of California, the United States and the world.

How Does it Affect the L.A. Regional Economy?

Every time we provide L.A. area businesses the opportunity to expand their global reach, not only are these businesses helped, but also the Los Angeles regional economy as well. The Chamber’s Global Initiatives Council helps set the Chamber’s policy agenda and advocate for more Free Trade Agreements to benefit Southern California business. The Council works to create employment opportunities throughout Southern California by increasing imports, exports and foreign investment for companies of all sizes, and for the communities in which they conduct business.

This is our story. Let us help you make yours.

From our international services (Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Free Sale, Certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices and Certificates of Good Standing) to our publications (Inside Global Trade e-newsletter, Trade Intelligence Brief, World Trade Week Career Guide) to affiliate programs (Los Angeles Regional Export Council, California State Trade Export Assistance Promotion program, World Bank Private Sector Liaison Officer), the Chamber's Center for Global Trade and Foreign Investment is at the forefront of all things trade. We like nothing more than helping companies be successful in this industry.

Who We Are


Jasmin Sakai-Gonzalez, Director, Center for Global Trade and Foreign Investment

Jasmin Sakai-Gonzalez oversees more than 30, annual, international trade projects, working to advance global trade in the region and help local businesses build international relationships. She serves as liaison between foreign diplomats, trade organizations and key partners, including government and business agencies at the local, state and federal level.

Janice Atmadja, Analyst, Center for Global Trade and Foreign Investment

Janice Atmadja coordinates logistics for the Center’s meetings and events, and handles the issuance of export documentation certificates as well as letters of delegation visit support. She also assists in the data analysis and research publication efforts of the Center.