Certificate of Origin


essCert, the efficient way to process Certificates of Origin.

Mailing or sending couriers to get your Certificates of Origin stamped is both inefficient and costly.

essCert partners with organizations worldwide to deliver online document certification in an efficient and compliant manner. By listening to client needs, essCert transforms the manual process of certifying documents into a fast, flexible and easy to use online platform.

The essCert difference:

    • One Click
    • Hub/Agent Module
    • Accounting & Tracking
    • Client Payments System
    • Online Verification System for Customs & Other Authorities



The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce that it has partnered with essDOCS Certification to offer a new online Certificate of Origin application platform, essCert. Any document applications that have been applied for through the previous platform, eCertify, will not be processed after Dec. 3, 2018.

If you are an existing eCertify user, your new essCert profile will have been created automatically. You will, however, need to retrieve new login details. If you have not already retrieved your login details, you can do so by clicking on this link: www.esscert.com/retrieve, entering your email address and then pressing the Retrieve button once. Your login details will then be sent to that email address. You will then be able to login at www.esscert.com/log-in. If you experience any issues retrieving your login details, please contact support@esscert.com.

Registration forms via email will only be accepted to register@esscert.com. Any registration forms sent to the support email address will not be processed.

PLEASE NOTE: On Monday, Dec. 17, 2018, the previous support@tradecert.com email address will no longer be active. Please be sure to direct your support inquiries to support@esscert.com.






"It is convenient, quick, saves the time of visiting the Chamber just for certification, and we save money."
- Aquarian Associates

"One of the biggest benefits of the program is the benefit of being online. I am saving time and money because I don't have to make an appointment and drive to the nearest chamber of commerce during office hours. Additionally, the format is straight forward, but if you do have a question, the support staff is friendly and helpful."
- Jarrow Company

"I would definitely recommend it to others, because it is more efficient and saves time!"
- Braun Export