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Join us for a meeting of the Transportation & Goods Movement Council.
Regional Connectivity Updates with Metro
Tuesday, Oct. 2
10 - 11:30 a.m. 

L.A. Area Chamber 
350 S. Bixel St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90017 

Join us in October for an update on important Metro projects.

* Vermont Transit Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Rail Conversion/Feasibility Study: As the second-busiest bus corridor in the county, the Vermont corridor runs 12 miles from Hollywood Boulevard, south to 125th Street. Metro will update the Council on options for introducing BRT along the corridor and the possibility of future conversion to rail for a line that is important for regional system connectivity and access to jobs and educational opportunities.

* NextGen Bus Study: Robert Calix, senior manager of the Transportation Planning Communication Division, will join us to share updates on the ongoing study. Metro's bus system supports more than 70 percent of its customers, yet hasn't been updated in 25 years. This study, which is incorporating stakeholder input, ridership data and tapping into county-level big data, is part of a holistic re-design effort to adapt to significant population and geographical changes over the last few decades.

We'll also review the status of the No on Prop 6 campaign efforts heading into the November election.
The Transportation & Goods Movement Council addresses all issues related to our region's mobility - highway, rail, air and transit. The Council advocates on federal, state and local issues and champions positions that will provide system-wide, regional solutions. The Council highlights the importance of transportation and goods movement to the region and nation's economy, while encouraging balanced and sustainable communities.

All Council meetings are open to Chamber members only. Media and guests are only allowed with prior approval.  
Special Guest:

Robert Calix
Senior Manager

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