Incentive-based Affordable Housing Development

With the end of community redevelopment and in order to support and boost the economic growth of our region, it is crucial that L.A. is able to meet demands for affordable housing. The Chamber will advocate for an incentive-based approach and permanent sources of funding to increase the affordable housing stock in L.A., while balancing the need to not exponentially drive up the cost of production. This principle will guide our advocacy on various approaches being considered by the City, including a linkage fee and value capture policy, as well as the implementation of Measure JJJ.

Accessory Dwelling Units (CPC-2016-4345-CA)

  • Testified at City Council (Van Nuys) 12/14/2016

Linkage Fee

  • Testified 10/19/2016 at L.A. City Council 
  • Letter to Department of City Planning 10/24/2016

Quimby Fee Update

  • Letter to City Planning and Parks & Recreation Office 2/12/2016
  • Letter to Community Planning Commission 3/23/2016
  • Letter to PLUM and APR Committees 2/12/16

Net Zero Water Ordinance (County of Los Angeles)

  • Letter to Board of Supervisors 4/5/2016

Value-Capture Proposal (14-1325 / 14-1325-S1

Implementing Measure JJJ (16-0684-S1 / 16-1800-S5)

  • Testified at Housing Committee 1/20/2016
  • Letter to Councilman Cedillo 1/20/2016