Policy This Week

Feb. 19, 2020
Chamber Participates in Future of Work Commission

Feb. 4, 2020
Accenture Pancakes & Politics Hears from Secretary of State, Alex Padilla

Jan. 21, 2020
ACCESS Washington, D.C. 2020 Registration Open

Dec. 9, 2019
City Council Elects First Latina Council President

Nov. 25, 2019
Los Angeles County Fire Department Proposes Ballot Measure

Nov. 11, 2019
Chamber pushed for amendments on Predictive Scheduling

Oct. 28, 2019
Accenture Pancakes & Politics hosts L.A. County Homeless Initiative Director Phil Ansell

Oct. 14, 2019
Register for the 6th Annual State of L.A. Infrastructure

Sept. 30, 2019
Register for ACCESS L.A. City Hall

Sept. 16, 2019
California State Legislature concludes 2019 session

Sept. 3, 2019
Los Angeles City Councilmember John Lee sworn in to represent the 12th District

Aug. 19, 2019
Chamber Jobs PAC endorsed candidate wins Council race

Aug. 5, 2019
Majority Leader Ian Calderon speaks at Accenture Pancakes & Politics

July 22, 2019
Chamber meets with new California Transportation Secretary

July 8, 2019
Chamber hears from L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer at Accenture Pancakes & Politics

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