California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

The California Environmental Quality Act must be modernized to preserve the law’s original intent while preventing abuse for purposes unrelated to environmental protection. The Chamber supports substantive improvements and will continue to engage in a statewide coalition effort advocating for a “standards approach.” In addition, the Chamber will continue to support efforts at the local level to streamline the CEQA process, including support for adequate staffing within the City of L.A.’s Planning Department, ensuring CEQA documents are prepared in a timely manner by qualified experts, streamlining the appeals process and bringing local regulations into compliance with state guidelines.


  • Local CEQA Reform Working Group
    • 1/13/2016 Working Group Meeting
    • 2/10/2016 Working Group Meeting
    • 3/9/2016 Working Group Meeting
    • 4/6/2016 Working Group Meeting
    • 6/8/2016 Working Group Meeting
    • 8/10/2016 Working Group Meeting
    • 11/4/2015 Working Group Meeting
    • 12/9/2015 Working Group Meeting
    • 9/30/2015 Working Group Meeting
  • Statewide Reform

Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

  • Letter to Governor’s Office of Planning and Research on Vehicle Miles Traveled Guidelines 2/29/2016
  • Letter to California Air Resource Board on 2030 Target Scoping Plan Update Draft: Vibrant Communities White Paper and VMT Discussion Document 9/28/2016