Measure CC

Los Angeles Community College District Affordable Education / Job Training / Classroom Safety

This measure will authorize LACCD to issue $3.3 billion in general obligation bonds to modernize, renovate, and build additional facilities. It will cost property owners $15 per $100,000 of assessed valuation a year. The measure includes mandatory taxpayer protections, including an independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and annual financial audits to ensure funds are spent as authorized. The District would be prohibited from using any bond funds for administrator salaries or other operating expenses. The bond measure requires 55-percent voter approval across the LACCD service area.

Bottomline: The Chamber SUPPORTS this measure because student enrollment is growing and more than 40-percent of the District’s buildings, on its nine campuses, will reach 50 years of age within the next five years. For many high school graduates, a community college education is their first step into higher education. It is vital to invest in our community college students.