Measure H

Measure H - SUPPORT 

This quarter cent sales tax on the March 7 ballot will create a dedicated stream of revenue to provide an array of services, including outreach, housing, mental health care and job training, to the 47,000 homeless individuals in L.A. County. We are proud of the comprehensive plan that the County has developed to address homelessness by taking the lead and collaborating with all 88 cities in the County.

Ending homelessness in L.A. County has been a priority of the Chamber and the United Way of Greater Los Angles for seven years. Together, we developed Home for Good to urge L.A. County and the cities in L.A. County to create a collaborative effort to end chronic and veteran homelessness. The passage of Measure HHH in November 2016 by 77 percent in the City of L.A. was a strong start. Now we need the services to go with the housing.