Measure P: Harbor Leases

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Shall the City Charter be amended to increase the maximum term for franchises, concessions, permits, licenses and leases that may be entered into by the Harbor Department from the current maximum of 50 years to a new maximum of 66 years, to be consistent with recent changes to state law?


The City of Los Angeles and the Harbor Department have engaging for a number of years on a plan to redevelop the waterfront and bring back commercial, recreational and public-use activity. However, the City Charter currently imposes a 50-year regulatory restriction on franchises, permits and leases. According to a study by the LA Economic Development Corporation, the ability to exceed this restriction would increase the likelihood of private investment in the area.

The 50-year restriction originally was to conform with state law for tidelands. As such, Senator Hall introduced a bill last year, SB 399 to authorize the City to grant franchises and permits on tidelands and submerged lands for specified purposes for a term of up to 66 years. That bill was unanimously approved by both houses in Sacramento and signed by Governor Brown.

Measure P would update the Charter to reflect this new 66-year lease term accorded by state law. It would also make Los Angeles consistent with other major ports up the coast.