Measure S

Measure S (Neighborhood Integrity Initiative) - OPPOSE


Building Moratorium; Restrictions on General Plan Amendments; Required Review of General Plan

The proposed ordinance would amend City laws related to the General Plan, including to: 1) impose a two-year moratorium on projects seeking General Plan amendments or zone or height-district changes resulting in more intense land use, an increase in density or height, or a loss of zoned open space, agricultural or industrial areas, with exceptions including for affordable housing projects and projects for which vested rights have accrued; 2) prohibit geographic amendments to the General Plan unless the affected area has significant social, economic, or physical identity (defined as encompassing an entire community or district plan area, specific plan area, neighborhood council area or at least 15 acres); 3) require systematic, public review of the General Plan every five years; 4) prohibit project applicants from completing environmental impact reports for the City; 5) require the City make findings of General Plan consistency for planning amendments, project approvals and permit decisions; and 6) prohibit certain parking variances.

 **The Chamber opposed and is leading a broad based coalition to oppose this measure because halting nearly all construction for two years (and possibly more since community plans cannot be updated that quickly) would be hugely detrimental to our economy, housing affordability, homeless crisis and quality of life.