Prop 62

California Death Penalty Repeal - NO POSITION

(November 2016)


The California Death Penalty Repeal changes procedures governing state court appeals and petitions challenging death penalty convictions and sentences. The proposition designates superior court for initial petitions and limits successive petitions, imposes time limits on state court death penalty review, requires appointed attorneys who take noncapital appeals to accept death penalty appeals, exempts prison officials from existing regulation process for developing execution methods, and authorizes death row inmate transfers among California state prisons. The proposition also states that death row inmates must work and pay victim restitution and that voter approved measures related to death penalty are null and void if this measure receives more affirmative votes. A summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government estimates increased state costs that could be in the tens of millions of dollars annually for several years related to direct appeals and habeas corpus proceedings, with the fiscal impact on such costs being unknown in the longer run, and potential state correctional savings that could be in the tens of millions of dollars annually.