World Trade Week Chair's Message

2019 World Trade Week Chair

Vincent Iacopella

Senior Vice President, Growth & Strategy

Alba Wheels Up International Inc.

Personally and professionally it’s an honor to serve as the 2019 Chair of the 93rd World Trade Week (WTW) celebration in Southern California. Thank you to the international community for the opportunity to continue making this celebration the largest in the nation.

For 93 years, WTW has continued reminding the Southern California business community of the importance of the Los Angeles region as the lighthouse for global trade, investment, education and culture. This achievement has been reached because of the many that have come before us, and today our responsibility is to carry this torch, and fantastic tradition and history. Together, we need to influence and recommend changes to reach a new plateau of good will and prosperity in the world arena.

This year’s theme -- “Southern California: The Engine of Global Trade and Economic Growth” - signifies that now, more than ever before, Southern California’s manufacturers, exporters, importers, small and medium sized firms, professional services providers, shippers, terminal operators, logistics services, and many more involved directly and indirectly in global trade need to be more assertive in participating in world markets.

This network of professionals is also involved in the efficient movement of commercial and industrial goods through the ports of L.A. and Long Beach and Los Angeles World Airports destined to consumers across the United States. This activity makes the L.A. region the logistical capital of the U.S. Also, the global trade activity involving service providers, technology, cultural and education exchanges makes the region one of the most influential in overseas markets.

The international trade community is facing many challenges, but many opportunities as well. Changing enforcement laws, e-Commerce, advanced supply chain technology, discussions over the use of advanced shipping data, block chain technology and national security concerns are all changing the international trade landscape at an ever-faster pace. These market adjustments are also creating tremendous opportunities for the international minded executives.

These global traders understand that trade agreements, policies and relations at different government levels are constantly changing and evolving, but the desire to pursue and complete successful overseas business transactions with global counterparts is the fundamental reason for future relations among people.

As part of this business community and my professional daily interaction with all the stake holders above-mentioned, I challenge all of us to be more active than ever before as future trends of global trade, transactions, agreements, disputes and compliance are becoming more challenging and, in some cases uncertain.

Your support and involvement in global trade and investment is critical to the region’s economic growth, prosperity and leadership.