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L.A. Area Chamber Calls for Productive Conversation About Ridesharing

LOS ANGELES, CA — In response to the announced legal action against Uber by the District Attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles Counties today, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce releases the following statement:

“Ridesharing is becoming very popular because it is addressing the transportation needs of many citizens. Its innovations are providing new, easy to access transportation options, while at the same time, creating new income opportunities for automobile owners. We urge policymakers to not be a barrier to innovation, but instead to engage in productive conversations with ridesharing companies. The goal should be to provide citizens with the transportation options, safety and reliability they need to enhance their urban living environment. If we encourage innovative companies and industries to flourish; it will benefit our economy and all Angelinos,” stated Ruben Gonzalez, Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Political Affairs at the Los Angeles Area Chamber.


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