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L.A. Area Chamber responds to Measure EE defeat



LOS ANGELES, CA — Following the defeat of Measure EE, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce released the following statement.

“Yesterday, Los Angeles voters showed us they want absolute accountability and oversight when asked to approve impactful tax increases like Measure EE. 

This was also a clear demonstration of what we learned in the past with Measures like M, H and HHH – when we have big, far-reaching issues, we must all come together as a community to find solutions,” said Maria S. Salinas, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

“The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce has a deep commitment to public education and we know that a quality education for all of L.A.’s students is critical. While we opposed this specific tax, we support LAUSD and hold in the highest regard the educators who are championing the educational needs of our community.  

Our concern has always been ensuring excellence and stability in the public education system for our children. While our Vote NO on Measure EE campaign efforts were successful, we don’t see this as an end, but rather the beginning of a new collaborative chapter in finding ways to meet LAUSD’s financial need … and guaranteeing its immediate and long term success. 

Now comes the real work. We must get back to the table with a broad-based coalition – including the mayor, the superintendent, the school board, the teachers union and the business community – to define alternatives to support and ensure a gold standard public education system in Los Angeles.  

We are ready to begin that work and hope they will take us up on this offer,” continued Salinas.



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