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Governor signs L.A. Area Chamber co-sponsored legislation

SB 150, co-sponsored with John Burton Advocates for Youth, improves access to the Chafee Grant program for California’s foster youth

LOS ANGELES, CA — Today, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 150 into law, ensuring that California’s foster youth receive the financial aid needed to complete a postsecondary education.  The new law will improve how the state administers the Chafee Education Training Voucher, the only grant program specifically designated for current and former foster youth who are pursuing college or postsecondary training, including career and technical education. In response, Maria Salinas, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, issued this statement:

"The Chamber is proud to have co-sponsored such a significant piece of legislation to improve postsecondary opportunity for our most vulnerable youth. We recognize the strong connection between our state’s ability to sustain a thriving economy and the educational success of our foster youth – a better educated workforce positively impacts our businesses. With the nation’s largest foster care system here in Los Angeles County, it is vital foster youth be able to complete a postsecondary education,” said Salinas. 

Salinas continued, “We are grateful this legislation will expand access to the Chafee Grant by helping youth receive their funds on-time and enabling them to maintain funding when they most need the support. As we know, a college education remains the surest path to the middle class. A college education can launch students into fulfilling careers where they can be productive members of the workforce and realize their full potential. In turn, our businesses have better prepared, more productive employees. We thank Sen. Beall for his leadership and Gov. Newsom for his support.”


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