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Key Economic, Government, Business Leaders Join State Treasurer Fiona Ma to Stress Economic Benefits of Earthquake Resiliency

Earthquakes Don’t Have to Be Disasters If Californians Prepare

Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimates 40 percent of businesses that close their doors as a result of disasters will never reopen. When a building collapses, an owner or lessee is left with no operating business and communities can be extensively damaged as workers lose their livelihoods. As seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, California's entire economy suffers when businesses both small and large cannot operate. Governments are also impacted when fewer revenues are generated to support vital services.

USC researchers estimate the eight-county region of Southern California could suffer property damage of $113 billion in a major earthquake, with additional business-related impacts of $68 billion or more. Evan Reis, co-founder of the US Resiliency Council and a structural engineer, estimates that more than 90 percent of buildings in Los Angeles don't comply with modern building codes.

In addition to the costs of physical damage, business interruption and lost market share, courts have determined that property owners can be held legally liable for deaths and injuries occurring in their buildings if they are found negligent of maintaining a hazardous condition by not taking reasonable actions to safeguard their facilities.

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