Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce I December 2016
Chamber announces 2017 World Trade Week Leadershipleadership
The Chamber announced this month that Alan McCorkle, senior vice president of NYK Ports, and Otis Cliatt, president of Pacific Harbor Line, will lead 2017 World Trade Week efforts as chair and vice chair respectively. McCorkle and Cliatt will oversee World Trade Week's launch during the Chamber's annual Kickoff Breakfast with more than 800 guests on Thursday, May 4, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites. LEARN MORE.
Chamber learns about new practices in Global Value Chains from World Bank
Members of the Global Initiatives Council heard from Daria Taglioni, lead trade economist of the World Bank, via video conference late November, as she provided an update on the economic impact of global value chains (GVC), the framework to guide policymakers in identifying the key objectives of GVC participation and how to select suitable economic strategies to achieve them. Economic, technological and political shifts, as well as changing business strategies, have driven firms to unbundle production processes and disperse them across countries. Brian Peck, co-chair for Policy of the Global Initiatives Council and director of Transnational Law & Business Center at USC Gould School of Law, also provided a brief policy recap. SEE THE PHOTOS.
Welcome to 2017 Global Initiatives Council Chair
We are pleased to announce that Lisa Greer Quateman, principal,
Polsinelli, will serve as chair of the Global Initiatives Council in 2017. As principal with Polsinelli, a large national law firm, Lisa was the firm's founding Los Angeles office managing partner and has extensive experience handling domestic and cross-border corporate, finance and real estate transactions, advisory, governance and regulatory matters. Lisa has been named one of Los Angeles' Top 100 Attorneys, a "Leader in the Law" and a "Woman Making a Difference" by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

A special thank you to our 2016 Global Initiatives Council Chair Cameron Smith,
Herbalife, for his support and leadership this past year. LEARN MORE about the Global Initiatives Council.
Chamber congratulates newly appointed Director of the USC Transnational Law and Business Center

Brian Peck, co-chair of the Chamber's Global Initiatives Council for International Policy, joined the USC Gould School of Law as director of the Transnational Law and Business Center and adjunct assistant professor of law in the fall of 2016. The USC Center for Transnational Law and Business promotes world-class policy analysis and debate to help international businesses navigate the complex matrix of varied trade and compliance policies around the world. Brian previously served as deputy director in charge of international affairs and business development for the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development from 2013 to 2016. READ MORE.
2017 Leadership Announcement
We are pleased to announce that Hon. Hans Joerg Neumann,
Consul General of the Republic of Germany in Los Angeles, will serve as the 2017 chair. Hon. Neumann has served as German consul general in Los Angeles since July 2015. Prior to this, he was German ambassador to Benin in West Africa. His extensive knowledge of the United States was acquired during his time as an exchange student with the American Field Service in Pennsylvania in 1974, and while serving as political advisor and head of Consular and Legal Affairs at the German Embassy in Washington from 2001 to 2005.

A heartfelt note of thanks to our 2016 Chair Hon. Leon Grice, consul general of New Zealand, for his support and leadership this past year.
Diplomat members hold strategic roundtable
Over 40 members of the Chamber's Diplomatic & Commercial Officers Group participated in a private roundtable last week to set top program priorities for 2017 and discuss potential areas of collaboration earlier this week. The session included a briefing by Deputy Mayor Raymond Chan, City of Los Angeles, who provided a brief update on the City's international trade strategies. Over the past five years, the membership of the group has grown from four initial countries to over 40 members. The Chamber has become a commercial bridge between our regional companies and many countries.
World Trade Week business awards and scholarship nominations open
The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Week (WTW) Committee are currently seeking nominations for a series of prestigious international trade awards that will be presented at the World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast on Thursday, May 4 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites. Categories include Export Achievement, Foreign Direct Investment and the prestigious Stanley T. Olafson Award.
The WTW Education Committee is seeking applications for student scholarships that are available to high school and college students. Please encourage potential candidates in your network to take advantage of these scholarship opportunities.
Showcase your company at the largest celebration of trade in the Nation

WTW is dedicated to educating the public about the positive impacts of international trade on the local and national economies. If you are interested in supporting WTW as a sponsor, your company will have the unique opportunity to integrate your marketing and charitable goals by supporting international trade educational programs and scholarships, while also gaining recognition throughout the year. Hear how WTW scholarships have impacted past student recipients. LEARN MORE.
Proof That Global Trade Agreements Can Still Get Done - And Still Work
An op-ed by Hon. James Villeneuve, Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles
Canada is a trading nation. We have to be: the world's biggest economy is our neighbor and best friend. But we're not going to stop finding new partners to grow our economies together. As recently as Oct. 30, Canada signed a major trade agreement (commonly known as CETA) with the European Union. It was a historic achievement - and its significance radiates beyond our borders. It matters to our neighbors for three reasons.

First, it reaffirms our values. CETA reflects the importance of free and open societies, democracy, the rule of law, human rights, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, and open markets and free trade. These are the same values Canada shares with the United States, the ones which motivate our actions on the global stage and which are responsible for much of the peace and prosperity achieved around the world. Acting on these values matters.

We make things together. Today, only about 25 percent of Canadian products ('tariff lines') enter the EU duty-free. On the day CETA enters into force, that figure will jump to 98 percent. This creates a host of new opportunities for Canada's exporters - and that should be welcome news for U.S. manufacturers since many products, ranging from airplanes and cars to chemicals and industrial machinery, routinely cross our shared border on their way to completion. U.S. inputs represent $14.6 billion - more than 10 percent - of the value of Canadian exports, which are now sure to rise.

CETA creates a new gateway to Europe. CETA is one of the most ambitious trade agreements ever completed, and the EU's first with a G-7 partner. Companies operating in Canada will now have guaranteed preferential market access to the EU - something no other top investment destination in the Americas can claim. It's one more way - along with a welcoming business environment (first in the G-20), a strong growth record over the past decade (first in the G-7) and low business tax costs (lowest in the G-7) - that Canada is making itself attractive to investors.

Agreements like CETA make trade easier, more predictable and transparent. They ensure that our markets remain open and welcoming to each other's service providers and investors, and facilitate the movement of independent professionals and business visitors. And they announce that we are prepared to support and defend the integrity of a rules-based trading system.

We must remember to consider all of these benefits when considering global trade cooperation. And we need to remind our partners to stop thinking about trade in terms of winners and losers, and start thinking about how, together, we can prosper and be an example to the rest of the world.

Mobile World Congress | Feb. 27-March 2
SEMA Middle East Trade Show | March 28-April 1
"California Corner" at Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium
California STEP, in cooperation with the U.S. Commercial Service and the Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Ltd. department store in Hong Kong, is providing an opportunity for U.S. companies to submit their products for evaluation and potential inclusion in an "in-store" retail promotion in Hong Kong in May 2017.
The California Corner promotion is a "test market" program intended to introduce products on a trial basis. The unique benefit of this program is the "test market" is done in a real retail situation, with an excellent chance for longer term contracts with those products that have good sell-through.

Target Market:
  • Baby Boomers-Gen X/professionals, health-conscious
    (35-65 yrs)
The product categories include:
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • Vitamins and food supplements
  • Organic food (ready to eat, non-refrigerated)
Registrations will be considered through January 2017.
Trade Matters: Access Regional Trade Statistics

Access the latest trade numbers for the region and the U.S. by connecting with WorldCity's U.S. Trade Numbers. In addition, you can download a free copy of the annual Los Angeles TradeNumbers publication.