Issue 29 | September 21, 2012

France's New Beginning
In July, factory output increased, suggesting that France's economy may be regaining their strength. Industrial production increased 0.2 percent in July, which point to signs of a possible recovery in France. President Francois Hollande aims to increase labor market reform while pressuring unions and business leaders to cut payroll taxes in an attempt to fix the nation's economy and make France more competitive. Read more.  

A historic event to advance USA's green growth
After the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Ministerial Meeting in early September, a groundbreaking agreement was reached. By 2015 tariffs on certain environmental goods will be cut to 5 percent or less. "Tariff cuts on these environmental goods not only advance our green growth goals by making these environmental goods cheaper and more accessible, but also will have a meaningful impact on trade and job creation in the region," Said Deputy United States Trade Representative Ambassador Demetrios Marantis.  They also came to agreement on improving supply chained performance in the region.  Read more
Trade between the US and Mexico continues to rise
There was a 17 percent rise in trade between the United States and Mexico in 2011, putting Mexico in competition with China to become America's second-largest trading partner after Canada. "Not only is Mexico doing better...Mexico is actually doing better than the United States," said Richard Fisher, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. A majority of the Mexican population is made up of a growing middle class that is less focused on price, but more focused on better quality products made in the United States. This year, the Obama administration is hoping to bring Mexican business leaders to the United States to visit, in hopes that they will invest in America. Read more.
Eleven countries all aiming for a "21st Century" Agreement  
Free trade talks between the United States and soon-to-be 10 other Asia-Pacific nations have now entered their most delicate phase yet. After 30 months of talks, this is said to be the most critical phase because of the vast range of issues that will be covered during the negotiations, from sugar to patents. Currently, the United States will be hosting the 14th round of negotiations on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership with talks to also include Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei. Countries including Canada and Mexico will be joining the negotiations until the 15th round of negotiations in December. A 21st Century agreement is the aim of these negations that hope to tear down traditional trade barriers and begin addressing new concerns, like establishing rules of the road for "state-owned enterprises" that increasingly compete with private companies.
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Governor Brown announces his GO-Biz Team and prepares for China
Within the last week Gov. Jerry Brown has announced his GO-BIZ appointments and his plans that revolve around creating a better relationship between California and China. Although there are no travel dates set, Gov. Brown has announced a trip to China later on this year. His purpose is based on legislation he signed that would authorize the state to open new trade offices in China; starting with one in Shanghai. "As the second-largest economy in the world, relations with the nation will be increasingly important, particularly because they hold so much U.S. debt," said Gov. Brown.
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Compiled by Brittany Garcia and Ashley Arikawa, Global Initiatives Interns

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