Past World Trade Week Chairs

Thank you to our past WTW chairs for their commitment, dedication and support:

Year Chair Company
2019 Vincent Iacopella Alba Wheels Up International Inc.
2018 Otis Cliatt II Pacific Harbor Line Inc.
2017 Alan McCorkle NYK Ports
2016 Anthony Pirozzi The Boeing Co.; Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners
2015 Caroline Brown Bank of America Merril Lynch
2014 Ken Miranda Owens & Minor
2013 Noel Massie UPS
2012 Valeria Velasco Los Angeles World Airports
2011 Mario Cordero Port of Long Beach
2010 Kaylynn Kim Port of Los Angeles
2009            Bill Collier               Keesal, Young & Logan 
2008  Steve Arnold  FedEx Services, Inc.  
2007  Mark Mayers  City National Bank 
2006  Carlos Valderrama  Carlsmith Ball, LLP 
2005  Charlie Woo  Megatoys, Inc. 
2004  Nancy Hiromoto  Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc. 
2003  Bryan G. Stockton  Mattel, Inc. 
2002  Marian Duntley  Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. 
2001  R. Thomas Decker  L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce 
2000  Susan Corrales-Diaz  Systems Integrated 
1999  William M. Royer  Citibank 
1998  Jeffrey Coppersmith  Coppersmith Inc. 
1997 Denis R. Brown  Pinkerton's, Inc.  
1996  Russell Hanlin  Sunkist Growers Inc. 
1995  Paul V. Colony  AON Worldwide 
1994  Leslie Browne Cazas  Nissan North America 
1993  Fermin Cuza  Mattel, Inc. 
1992  Anthony J.  Stapleton  Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Co. 
1991  Irene Fisher  California Export Finance Office 
1990  William B. Filbert  International Diversified Technologies 
1989  Jane A. Beseda  Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.  
1988 Steven Paul Resnick  Port of Los Angeles 
1987  Thomas N. Teofilo  Port of Long Beach 
1986  Al Mazzarella  L.E. Coppersmith, Inc 
1985  Charles Nevil  Meridian Enterprises 
1984  Gladys A. Moreau  Security Pacific National Bank 
1983  W. Guy Fox  Global Transportation Services, Inc.  
1982  Manfred H. K. Aschemey  Stevedoring Services 
1981  Emmett C. McGaughey   
1980  J. Louis Munoz, Jr.  Security Pacific National Bank 
1979  Donald Butler  Merchants & Manufacturers Association 
1978  William Escherich  Southern California Auto Club 
1977  James Craig  Long Beach Harbor Commission 
1976  Richard Shostak  Stein Shostak Shostak & O'Hara 
1975  Robert D. Hudson  Port of Los Angeles 
1974  Douglas Friman  Transmarine Navigation Company 
1973  Richard C. King  King International 
1972  Marjorie Shostak  Stein & Shostak 
1971  Thomas J. Thorley  Port of Long Beach 
1970 Robert H. Autenreith   
1969 Lew E. Coppersmith  L.E. Coppersmith, Inc. 
1968  W. Theodore Johnson  United California Bank 
1967  Robert F. Holbrook  Williams, Diamond & Co.  
1966  Harry Ridings, Jr.  Long Beach Harbor Commission 
1965  Milo Hefferlin  Bank of America 
1964  Melvin J. Erickson   
1963 Charles Vickerrs  Port of Long Beach 
1962 Albert Perrish Winter, Wolff & Co.
1961 Robert D. Kleist Pacific Far East Lines
1960 John Parkinson Los Angeles Harbor Department
1959 William A. Harrington Bethlehem Pacific Steel
1958 George H. Mohr  
1957 Wendell Shore California Honey Co.
1956 Max J. Liner, Jr. Transmarine Navigation
1955 John McHose Lillick, Geary, & McHose
1954 Mel Buether Farmers Merchants National Bank
1953 Alvin K. Maddy Long Beach Harbor Department
1952 Frank J. Connolly  
1951 Unknown  
1950 Unknown  
1949 Bernard Caughlin Port of Los Angeles
1948 Unknown  
1947 Norman Dunnavant Los Angeles Commercial News
1946 Alfred E. Hopkins  
1945 Michael Harris  
1944 Unknown  
1943 Unknown  
1942 Unknown  
1941 Unknown  
1940 Unknown  
1939 Gustav Riedlin Bank of America
1938 Unknown  
1937 Unknown  
1936 Walter Measday U.S. Bureau of Foreign & Domestic Commerce
1935 David Livingston  
1933 Unknown  





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