Business Has A Story To Tell In Sacramento

Gary Toebben

May 5, 2015

Two weeks from today, 100 local leaders will travel to our State Capitol for the Chamber’s annual ACCESS Sacramento trip. The purpose of this day and one-half mission will be to advocate for legislation and policies that will invigorate the Southern California economy, create new jobs and deliver essential services for the people of California.

Decisions made during the current legislative session will determine the future rate of business growth, the number of new jobs created and the strength of our education system. California businesses already face the challenges of daunting regulations, lack of state investment in core infrastructure and an unprepared workforce. The goal of the 2015 legislature should be to make things better, not worse. 

The Chamber’s ACCESS Sacramento trip on May 19-20 will focus on these key initiatives:

  • Strengthening California’s economic competitiveness though investments in job growth and providing certainty to job creators
  • Planning for long-term reliability and affordability through the development of comprehensive energy strategies
  • Securing a reliable water supply through infrastructure and innovation.
  • Investing in transportation improvements to reduce congestion
  • Strengthening our cradle to career education system by promoting Linked Learning, implementing strong curriculum, assessments and standards, and improving workforce development outcomes
  • Maintaining California’s leadership in health care reform implementation, by providing a positive business environment for providers and increasing access to quality care
  • Providing adequate housing to increase affordability, create jobs and reduce homelessness
  • Working to build and nurture the growing innovation economy and the long-standing manufacturing sector of our state

Your voice and your business stories are important as we meet with dozens of legislators, agency heads and statewide elected officials to advocate for the priorities above. Join us May 19 and 20 to share your stories and our vision for the golden state. 

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