Random Acts of Kindness, Not Violence

Gary Toebben

October 3, 2017

This morning, as I read the Los Angeles Times’ front page coverage of the senseless and evil slaughter of 59 innocent people and the wounding of more than 500 others at a concert in Las Vegas, I was filled with sadness and anger. The message I was going to share with you today in my weekly Business Perspective seemed pale in comparison to the pain and grief so many families and friends of those who died or were injured are feeling today.

All of us at the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce express our overwhelming sympathies and sadness for your loss, your pain and the total disruption of your lives.

This past weekend, Janice and I attended a birthday party for our 11 year old granddaughter. She and four of her friends celebrated her birthday by organizing and carrying out 11 random acts of kindness on Sunday afternoon. The acts of kindness they delivered were to senior citizens, police officers, neighbors, and random individuals in stores and on the streets of their community. Their acts were met with both surprise and appreciation, and they brought smiles to dozens of faces, including our granddaughter and her friends. 

On a day like today, nothing seems adequate in response to the senseless loss of so many lives. Perhaps we can all start with a random act of kindness as a first step in countering the random acts of evil that cause great pain in this world every day. 

And that's The Business Perspective.

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Private comment posted @ 7:39:13 am

Dear Gary, I always enjoy reading your business perspective. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story about your granddaughter during this tragic time. You always have something intelligent, interesting and meaningful to share with the people of Los Angeles, and also everyone around you, and we truly appreciate you for being the great leader and person that you are! I also wanted to thank you for the nice story during your Berlin trip earlier this year; what a great experience! It is nice to hear about the excellent German (Berlin) partnership which makes me feel happy having German roots. Thank you again for everything; The Los Angeles Chamber is lucky to have you!
Posted by: Daniela @ 2:52:10 pm

Private comment posted @ 11:44:19 am

Gary, Wow, what a wonderful world we would have if folks modeled their life after your granddaughter and her friends! Tell her that her and her friend's kindness touched my heart. Blessings to her and I hope you do a follow up on continued random acts of kindness. Thanks much for your uplifting message, Tom
Posted by: Tom Lillig @ 10:51:20 am

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