Prop 6 is dangerous and destructive - Vote No

Maria S. Salinas

October 25, 2018
Last Friday’s 17th annual Mobility 21 Southern California Transportation Summit attracted more than 1,300 transportation, business and elected leaders. A common theme heard throughout the day was the risks and challenges to our transportation infrastructure due to uncertain state and federal funding sources. Speakers optimistically highlighted innovative strategies and technological advancements to solve some of our most vexing transportation problems, but hanging over the head of conference attendees was the dangerous repercussions Proposition 6 would have on our future.
Prop 6 would strip away all the progress we’ve made in the last couple years towards a substantive investment in California’s transportation infrastructure. If approved, $5.2 billion a year in funding to fix roads, freeways and bridges throughout the state would disappear. In the year since the money from the 12 cent gas tax and other user fees has been coming in, nearly 6,500 projects are currently underway. Passage would leave these improvements in limbo and halt thousands more.
As business leaders, we know how foundational it is to our economic health to have functional, safe, modern infrastructure. For employees to get to work and children to school. For goods to move from ports to warehouses to consumers. For the rest of the nation and the globe to see the world’s 5th largest economy prioritize competitiveness and quality of life.
At the Mobility 21 conference, I moderated a panel with representatives from a number of the transportation and governmental agencies in the Southern California region. Board leadership from L.A. Metro, Orange County Transportation Authority, San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency, Imperial County Transportation Commission, Riverside County Transportation Commission, San Diego Association of Governments and Southern California Association of Governments all participated to share the unique challenges their diverse communities face. But despite the many differences and distinct constituencies, all these leaders were in agreement that the passage of Prop 6 would be devastating to any progress they were making. 
Proposition 6 is one of the most impactful measures on the ballot this year. I strongly urge your no vote.
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