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Chamber helps shape the future of transportation and goods movement with Metro

This month, the Chamber joined Metro's Task Force and Freight Working Group to provide input on future strategic planning.

On Tuesday, Deputy Secretary of Transportation Planning at the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), Avital Barnea, and a select group of Chamber members met for a deep dive into the challenges that transportation faces in Southern California. Attendees, including Metro's Michael Turner and Michael Cano, FAST's Hilary Norton and the Chamber's Maria S. Salinas and Kendal Asuncion, emphasized the key role freight plays in the L.A. region and that unreliable transportation infrastructure along freight corridors will impact discretionary freight movement through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The group also discussed transportation funding, and stressed the structural concerns about funding for projects that impact delivery and/or scope of projects. Barnea encouraged the Chamber to continue to partner with CalSTA on transportation and freight priorities for Southern California.

Last Thursday, the Chamber also joined Metro's Freight Working Group at the Port of Long Beach for its third meeting. As part of the working group, the Chamber continued to provide input that will shape the forthcoming Goods Movement Strategic Plan. Barnea and Freight Planning Office Chief from Caltrans, Yatman Kwan, provided background on the State's planning efforts for freight movement. Barnea discussed goods movement from CalSTA's viewpoint in light of Gov. Newsom's Executive Order N-19-19. Kwan discussed the updates to the state's freight plan. The meeting also featured an update and opportunity to provide feedback on a potential Clean Truck Initiative for the I-170 Corridor and Metro's Goods Movement Strategic Plan Project Evaluation Criteria Process.


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