L.A. Jobs Pac

The City and County need to do much more to make our region a place where business can grow, thrive, and create needed jobs.

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce believes that our elected are not leading the charge in implementing an aggressive plan to improve our economy. This lack of focus on jobs and economic development is digging a deeper hole for our City and State’s fiscal crisis and the result has been a dramatic reduction in funding for public services and education.

Fewer jobs and lower quality public services are not a recipe for improving the quality of life for the citizens of Los Angeles or California. That is why the L.A. Area Chamber sponsors the L.A. Jobs Political Action Committee (PAC), which is focused on supporting candidates and ballot issues that stand for job creation, business investment and fiscal solvency.


R.K. (Rod) Spackman
PAC Chair
Manager, Public & Goverment
   Affairs - LA Basin
Chevron Corporation  
LaDonna DiCamillo
PAC Vice Chair
Director of Government Affairs
BNSF Railway Company 



The L.A. Jobs PAC works to improve our business climate, create new jobs, expand the tax base and promote fiscal responsibility.  We accomplish this by focusing our efforts in the following areas:

  • Direct candidate support - Businesses cannot afford to let competing special interests dominate politics in our region. The L.A. Jobs PAC provides endorsements and direct financial support to candidates who are committed to improving the business climate, promoting job creation and finding solutions by collaborating with all stakeholders. 
  • Voter education - In addition to candidate contributions, the L.A. Jobs PAC directly education voters about the positions candidates take on issues affecting our economy and quality of life. This includes providing voting records and other information to voters via mail, phone, email or in person prior to an election.
  • Ballot initiatives - The L.A. Jobs PAC plays an active role in local and state ballot initiative campaigns.