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Southern California relies on the global economy. The Chamber works to advance global trade in the region and help local businesses build international relationships and expand global reach.

The Diplomatic & Commercial Officers Group provides the infrastructure and venue where members of the consul corp. and trade offices can develop their own trade strategies and programs as they perform their professional responsibilities. To date over thirty countries are represented in the initiative.

Read the 2019 Welcome Message from Chair Patricia Elliott, Consul & Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles.





Diplomats visit Grifols for So Cal Bio Science Sector briefing

Members of the Chamber’s Diplomatic & Commercial Officers Group received a briefing on the Southern California Bio Science sector, organized in partnership with Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio) and Chamber member Grifols, a leading global healthcare company. The greater LA area is home to 1,000 Bio Science firms and employs 90,000.  The session included expert overviews of bioscience hubs in the region by executives from key pharma companies, who also discussed growth prospects/trends and opportunities for international collaboration. Ahmed Enany, president of SoCalBio, noted, “Going global is not an option [for bio science firms], it is a necessity even for emerging companies”. SEE THE PHOTOS.

Agenda, Bios, SoCalBio Presentation, CrossLinkBio, Inc. Presentation, Hawkeye Bio, Inc. Presentation, Alfred Mann Foundation Presentation



Chamber Diplomat Group meets with California State Board of Food and Agriculture

Members of the Chamber’s Diplomatic & Commercial Officers Group met with senior representatives from the California State Board of Food and Agriculture this week to learn about the state’s agriculture sector, international strategies department and best practices for agricultural exports and imports. Speakers included Josh Eddy, executive director of the CA State Board, Dr. Amrith Gunasekara, Science Advisor to Secretary Ross at the California Department of Food and Agriculture and Brooks Ohlson, director of the Sacramento Regional Center for International Trade Development. California is the top performing agricultural producer in the nation and exported over $20 billion of products in 2017, 63.8% of all US ag exports. The state strives to continue building international collaboration in areas of climate change and ag technology.

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On Nov. 15, California Energy Commission and the Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown briefed members of the Chamber's Diplomatic and Commercial Officers Group on California environmental regulations with a focus on new initiatives surrounding renewable energy and environmental protections. The members were also given an overview of the Global Climate Action Summit and any international partnerships and actions that resulted from the Summit.

AgendaBiosGlobal Climate Action Summit PresentationCalifornia Energy Commission Presentation



On Sept.19, members of the Chamber’s Diplomatic & Commercial Officers Group were briefed by SpaceX on general trends of the aerospace industry in CA, current international partnerships that SpaceX has cultivated and potential partnership opportunities.

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Date Sessions

Southern California Bio Science Briefing

AgendaBiosSoCalBio PresentationCrossLinkBio, Inc. Presentation, Hawkeye Bio, Inc. Presentation


California Agriculture Industry Briefing



California Environmental Regulations & Renewable Energy Briefing

Agenda, Bios, Global Climate Action Summit Presentation, California Energy Commission Presentation


Private City of Los Angeles Briefing

Agenda, Bios

06/08/18 Economic Development Centers in the Regional Counties
World Trade Center Los Angeles Presentation
County of Riverside Presentation
Ventura County Presentation
Orange County Business Council Presentation
3/13/18 Import Regulations Briefing
AgendaBiosFDA Presentation, U.S. Customs Presentation
12/04/17 Strategic Roundtable
Agenda, Programming Summary
11/30/17 Private Session: The L.A. Tech Scene
AgendaBio, Presentation, PitchBook
11/16/17 Private E-Commerce Briefing
AgendaBio, Presentation
08/25/17 Private Roundtable with GO-Biz
06/29/17 Private Pasadena Tournament of Roses Briefing 
2017 Rose Parade Highlights - Echoes of Success
04/04/17 California Energy Briefing 
A Closer Look at California's Energy Market & Regulations
California's Air Quality and Climate Efforts
Building a World-Class Green Economy
12/05/16 Annual Strategic Planning Session & VIP Holiday Reception 
10/17/16 Private Briefing with Solar Reserve
Agenda, Bio
Presentation, Video
09/22/16 Private Skechers Facility Tour & Highland Fairview Luncheon
09/9/16 Goods Movement & Infrastructure Briefing
Alameda Corridor Fact Sheet
Port of Los Angeles Overview
Environmental Programs at the Port of Los Angeles
Port of Los Angeles Trade Connect
08/3/16 Economic Development Round table with the Five Counties
Agenda, Bios
World Trade Center Los Angeles Presentation
County of Riverside Economic Dev. Agency
San Bernardino County Economic Dev. Agency
Ventura County Small Business Dev. Agency
Orange County Business Council Information
03/9/16 Briefing with LA BioMed
Agenda, Presentation



Austrian Trade Commission Consulate General of Switzerland
British Consulate General -UK Trade & Investment Consulate General of Turkey
Chilean Trade Commission Consulate General of the United Arab Emirates
Consulate General of Angola Consulate General of South Africa
Consulate General of Argentina Consulate General of the Netherlands
Consulate General of Australia Fiji Trade Commission - The Americas
Consulate General of Bangladesh Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Consulate General of Brazil Italian Trade Commission
Consulate General of Bulgaria Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Consulate General of Canada Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
Consulate General of Egypt North American Rep. Office of Shenzhen
Consulate General of Ethiopia Consulate General of the People's Republic of China
Consulate General of Finland Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency
Consulate General of Germany ProMexico
Consulate General of Pakistan South African Consulate General
Consulate General of Japan Indonesian Trade Promotion Center
Consulate General of Kenya Thai Trade Center Los Angeles
Consulate General of Malaysia Trade and Investment Promotion Office of Peru
Consulate General of Mauritius Trade Commission of Spain
Consulate General of Mexico Trade Office of Ecuador
Consulate General of New Zealand Vietnamese Trade Office in San Francisco
Consulate General of Paraguay Consulate General of Sri Lanka
Consulate General of Belgium -Flanders Investment & Trade  Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Los Angeles (Economic Division)
*List last updated 5/16/19


Consulate General of Thailand

Consulate General of the United Arab Emirates

Consulate General of Mauritius 

Consulate General of Egypt

Consulate General of Bangladesh

Consulate General of Ethiopia





Diplomatic & Commercial Officers Group
Patricia Elliott
Consul & Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles

Amb. Marcia Loureiro

Vice Chair
Diplomatic & Commercial Officers Group
Amb. Marcia Loureiro
Consul General, Consulate General of Brazil in Los Angeles

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