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The well-being of our employees and members is of utmost importance. Given the current health concerns due to COVID-19, we have made certain adjustments to our services to ensure a healthy and safe community. As of March 16, the L.A. Area Chamber will not accept appointments for in-person Certificate of Origin processing. We look forward to supporting your Certificate of Origin needs via our online digital platform Swiftdox. Further information on how to set up an account and submit your application can be found below.

The Chamber is committed to provide you with the resources and information to address the needs of our region during this unprecedented time. Please be sure to visit our website for the latest COVID-19 developments and helpful information for your organization.

The Chamber is proud to be the first Chamber in the nation to bring exporters a revolutionary new online platform. Chamber partner Fast Track Global Services (FTGS) has worked closely with foreign governments, global regulatory and health agencies, various U.S. chambers of commerce and freight forwarders to develop a platform that uses secure block chain technology to help you obtain and process your documents with accuracy, enhanced security and instant traceability. READ THE PRESS RELEASE.

Say hello to Swiftdox, a revolutionary new digital export documentation solution for Certificates of Free Sale (CFS), Good Manufacturing Practices Certificates (GMP), Certificates of Good Standing (CGS) and Certificates of Origin (COO). Swiftdox is the fastest and most comprehensive service in North America for export documentation which also provides built-in legalization/apostille options. Whether you're new to exporting or an expert, the platform will streamline your global operations. Swiftdox features a user-friendly platform, enhanced with legalization/apostille services, multi-language certificates and secured with blockchain technology and smart digital signatures to ensure the highest level of regulatory compliance.

GAME-CHANGING SECURITY - Swiftdox certificates use the latest cutting-edge security features to ensure legality and authenticity in a two-tier approach. First, the system applies legally admissible digital signatures that are fully compliant with the ESIGN Act, UET Act, SOX and many more national regulations. This means that Swiftdox digital signatures are the most widely accepted replacement of wet ink signatures available to date. If a document is changed or tampered with the document encryption will flag the file as invalid. Next, Swiftdox ensures absolute tamper-proof validation by utilizing customized blockchain technology. Every time a certificate is issued its data is immediately captured and stored permanently in the blockchain. Certificates can be validated online using the unique certificate ID or by uploading the digital certificate file and will instantly reveal whether the document has been tampered with. Swiftdox is the very first certificate platform in the U.S. to utilize this ground-breaking new technology and aims to play a crucial role in the growing global acceptance of digital certificates.

Do you know what certificates are required to export your product internationally?

This revolutionary platform provides step-by-step guidance through the process of obtaining required certificates such as Certificate of Free Sale (CFS), Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (GMP), Certificate of Good Standing (GSC) and Certificate of Origin (COO).

Tired of jumping through hoops to get your certificates legalized?

With built-in legalization/apostille options, you can opt to have your certificates processed with a single click. The process is fast tracked so your certificate can be apostilled in as little as 48 hours, or legalized in as little as 10 business days.

You can also apply for your certificates in multiple languages, including Spanish and English, with additional languages like Arabic and Mandarin to follow in the coming months.

Benefits include:



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For more information about our Export Documentation Services and other programs offered related to import/export, contact Janice Atmadja, 213.580.7583.

FTGS customer service info for support: or 877.447.6782.