International Documentation Services

International Documentation Services

Exporting made quick, affordable and easy!

The Chamber makes it quick, affordable and easy to meet your export documentation needs, offering both Certificates of Origin and Certificates of Free Sale. Through our program, you can save time, money and comply with regulations. Meet world standards, and get stamped, signed and certified FAST! 





CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN – Authenticates the country of origin of merchandise being shipped. essCert is an electronic, hassle-free way to process your certificates of origin. 

CERTIFICATES OF FREE SALE – Used as evidence that goods, such as food items and/or cosmetics, are legally sold or distributed in the open market.


Further documentation services offered by our members:    

GLOBAL TRADE DOCUMENTS AUTHENTICATION – Any goods exported from the United States to any foreign country require the authentication of several documents before the goods can be accepted, or even cross the Customs of the receiving country. Authentication implies the certification of these documents to prove their validity, including notarization, certification by the Secretary of the particular State where the goods are being made, or sent from, certification by the federal Department of State for Apostille countries, and additionally the legalization by the specific Embassy for the receiving country for all non-Apostille countries.  It is critical that this process is handled with accuracy, so the company sending the products is not at risk for loss. Chamber companies recieve 30 percent reduced rates for Document Authentication on all your global trade documents. 

FREE TRIAL OFFER - Exclusively for Chamber members, in addition to the discounted rate above, Global Registrations will offer the authentication of up to two documents Free!
(Please note government & embassy fees will be charged for Legalization documents).

Go to GlobalRegistrations.US or email info@GlobalRegistrations.US to get started.


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