World Trade Week 2020 College/University Scholarship Application

The World Trade Week 2020 Education Committee is sponsoring several $1,000 scholarships for students intending to pursue a career in international trade. Career options in this sector are wide-ranging – a list of potential career pathways is attached. Past sponsors of World Trade Week scholarships include Bank of America, DHL, Yusen Terminals, Deloitte, Comcast NBCUniversal, Los Angeles World Airports and the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Those who apply for this scholarship will also be in the running to receive another additional $500 through selection as the Global Trade Scholar Award (more details at the end of this application). The qualifications include:

  1. Full-Time Student: Candidates must be enrolled in a full-time academic program in California relating to international trade with verification of a min. 3.0 GPA. For students whose major does not have an international dimension, an international trade internship will suffice.
  2. Trade Experience Report (one to two pages):

    Option 1: Essay should detail the candidate's demonstrated commitment to a career related to international trade and/or global business through an internship, work experience or a key project related to these fields. The internship report should include the name of the organization/company, explain the international aspect of their business and include a description of the student's activities as an intern or employee. Project-related reports should include a description of key elements learned while working on the project, and concrete plans they have to pursue a career in the field.


    Option 2: Create a video no more than two minutes that shows viewers what inspired you to take on an international trade related internship, and what you plan to do in the future with what you’ve learned. (See guidelines attached).

  3. Letter of Recommendation: Two Letters of Recommendation, one of which must from the faculty member.
  4. Future Mentor: A candidate must be willing to become a future international trade mentor to other students once he or she has become an international business professional.

The purpose of the scholarships is to foster international trade education and international business development.

The deadline for submission and receipt of the materials described above is 5 p.m., Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Submitted materials will be reviewed and the winners will be notified by mid-April. The scholarship recipients will be awarded at the annual Kickoff Breakfast in downtown Los Angeles. Winners must be present to accept the award, and must provide proof of enrollment in applicable classes at a valid university or college in order to receive the scholarship check.


First Name:
Last Name:
University or College:
Year in school:

1. Complete an internship in an international trade-related field.

2. Write a one to two page internship report or submit a 2 min. video (see requirements).

3. Submit two letters of recommendation below.

4. Provide unofficial or official transcripts below.

*If preferred, applicants may submit the internship report, letters of recommendation, and a copy of resume to the following: 

World Trade Week Education Committee 
c/o Jasmin Sakai-Gonzalez 
350 S. Bixel St.
Los Angeles, CA 90017 
Fax: 213.580.7545

Email entries may be submitted to

Additional Scholarship Opportunity:

Global Trade Scholar Award

All selected scholarship recipients will be reviewed to receive a World Trade Week 2020 scholarship. Selection will be based on additional phone interview.

Requirement: The Global Trade Scholar Award is the highest honor a World Trade Week scholarship applicant can receive. This award is given to a student that has gone above and beyond their regular role as a student and shows high potential for influencing global trade in their future career. The award stands for academic excellence and outstanding leadership.

Winner will receive an additional $500 scholarship in addition to their World Trade Week 2020 scholarship. The award will be presented during the main ceremony of the World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast on May 5, 2020. 


For additional information, please contact