World Trade Week 2020 High School Scholarship Application

*Scholarship applicants must be students in the Southern California region.


The World Trade Week Education Committee offers annual scholarship awards to encourage outstanding young women and men to continue in post-secondary study in International Trade and Business. The amount of the award is $500. Career options in this sector are wide-ranging – a list of potential career pathways is attached. Past sponsors of World Trade Week scholarships include Bank of America, DHL, Yusen Terminals, Deloitte, Comcast NBC Universal, Los Angeles World Airports and the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Scholarship recipients will be those students who plan to pursue studies in programs and careers that reflect a broad definition of International Trade and Business. These programs may lead to careers in law, accounting, product development, freight forwarding, port administration, port services, import/export finance and banking, international relations and government service, among others.

Those who apply for this scholarship will also be in the running to receive another additional $500 scholarship - the Global Trade Scholar Award (more details at the end of this application).


Scholarships are awarded only to:

Graduating high school seniors in California entering an accredited college or university with a standard minimum GPA of 3.0. These students will indicate their interest in participating in the global economy through their choice of career goals discussed in their essay (see below). Please note that their college major does not have to be international business or international relations: what is most important is their career choice.

A complete application includes:  

  • Scholarship Award Application (completed online below).
  • Option 1: One-page, typed, single-spaced, essay discussing the student’s future college and career goals. The essay must explain how their chosen career relates to international trade, and what they understand international trade to be.


    Option 2: A 2-minute (maximum time) video submission (see criteria).
  • One letter of recommendation (typed) uploaded below.
    • The recommendation letter may be from a high school faculty member or administrator, or from a community service or work supervisor.
  • An unofficial or official high school transcript uploaded below.

The deadline for submission and receipt of the materials described above is 5 p.m., Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Applications will be reviewed and winners notified by mid-April. The scholarship recipients will be presented with a certificate at the annual Kickoff Breakfast on May 5, 2020, in downtown Los Angeles. Winners must be present to accept the certificate, and must provide proof of enrollment at a valid college or university to receive the scholarship check.

Email entries may be submitted to

Additional Scholarship Opportunity:

Global Trade Scholar Award

The Global Trade Scholar Award is the highest honor a World Trade Week scholarship applicant can receive. This award is given to a student that has gone above and beyond their conventional role as a student and shows high potential for influencing global trade in their future career. The award stands for academic excellence and outstanding leadership.

There is no additional requirement for this special scholarship award. Selection of the Global Trade Scholar Award will be based on phone interviews.

The winner will receive a $500 scholarship in addition to their World Trade Week 2020 scholarship ($1,000 in total). This special award will be presented during the main ceremony of the World Trade Week Kickoff Breakfast on May 5, 2020.

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip code:
Lead Teacher/Advisor
High School:
List the courses in which you are currently enrolled, including class name, period and teacher name:
What majors are you considering for college? If more than one, please list by importance:
What colleges/universities have you applied to?
List any school activities and clubs you are involved in, or have been involved in during high school. For each activity, list length of duration of involvement and any offices held.
List any awards or special recognition earned in high school (Student of the month, Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll, Citizenship, MESA medals):
Please list your participation in community service and/or work experience, including year(s) of service and length of service:

Also required:

Please upload a copy of your unofficial or official high school transcript from your counseling office.

Please attach your one-page, typed, single-spaced essay to this application.  The essay must describe how your future college and career goals relate to international trade as they understand it. 

Please upload one letter of recommendation from an individual who knows of your achievements, experiences and potential recommending you for this scholarship award. The letter may be from a high school faculty member or administrator, or from a community service or work supervisor.

*If preferred, applicants may instead mail or fax completed applications to:

World Trade Week Education Committee 
c/o Jasmin Sakai-Gonzalez 
350 S. Bixel St.
Los Angeles, CA 90017 
Fax: 213.580.7545

For questions or further information, please contact