L.A. Area Chamber Statement on AB 2600 and the Use of Public Private-Partnerships for Critical Infrastructure Projects

April 29, 2008

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce urges the California State Assembly Business and Professions Committee to revisit AB 2600 and join Governor Schwarzenegger in embracing public-private partnerships to immediately address and finance some of the major infrastructure needs facing our state.

California’s infrastructure needs are severe, tax revenues are in decline, and unemployment is increasing. The L.A. Area Chamber believes that the Legislature’s decision not to utilize the Governor’s recommendation to enlist the aid of the private sector in addressing these crucial needs shows a lack of vision and satisfaction with the status quo.

Californians pride themselves on leading the way in many areas, but our decision to turn our back on the use of public private partnerships means that rebuilding California’s infrastructure will continue to be dependent on raising taxes.


The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of business in L.A. County. Founded in 1888, the Chamber promotes a prosperous economy and quality of life in the Los Angeles region. For more information, visit www.lachamber.com.

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