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L.A. Area Chamber Applauds Gov. Brown for Vetoing Budget Sent By Legislature

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce today applauded Governor Jerry Brown for his veto of the budget sent to him by the legislature yesterday and called on the leadership of the legislature to immediately restart negotiations with the Governor toward a new budget proposal by July 1.

“The budget sent to the Governor yesterday by the Assembly and the Senate is no different from the budgets that the legislature and the Governor have passed and signed in recent years,” said L.A. Area Chamber President & CEO Gary Toebben. “This budget uses the same sort of creative accounting and prolonged debt that has become the hallmark of California’s fiscal crisis.  It avoids difficult choices, makes no long-term structural reforms, does nothing to improve California’s educational system or business climate and kicks the can down the road another year.  The citizens of California deserve better and Governor Brown made that point clear.  It’s time to restart budget negotiations,” Toebben stated.

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce voiced support for a comprehensive budget solution at a news conference with Governor Brown in February.  In addition, a letter from regional business organizations which called for a five-point workout plan for the State was mailed to the Governor and Legislative leaders in May.


The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of business in L.A. County. Founded in 1888, the Chamber promotes a prosperous economy and quality of life in the Los Angeles region.  For more information, visit

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