Chamber releases positions on Nov. 6 ballot propositions

October 16, 2012 11:00 am

Proposition 30 - Temporary taxes to fund education, guaranteed local public safety funding.    *No position
Proposition 31 - State budget. Transparency and spending limitations. State and local government.   Support
Proposition 32 - Prohibits political contributions by payroll deduction.   *No position
Proposition 33 - Changes law to allow auto insurance companies to set prices.   *No position
Proposition 34 - Death penalty repeal.   Did not consider
Proposition 35 - Human trafficking. Penalties. Sex offender registration.   Support 
Proposition 36 - Three strikes law. Sentencing for repeat felony offenders.   Support 
Proposition 37 - Genetically engineered foods. Mandatory labeling.   Oppose 
Proposition 38 - Tax for education and early childhood programs.   Oppose 
Proposition 39 - Tax treatment for multistate businesses. Clean energy and energy efficiency funding.   Oppose 
Proposition 40 - Redistricting. State senate districts. Referendum.   Support 



* The Chamber did not take positions on these propositions after voting results failed to meet the 60 percent requirement outlined in the Chamber's bylaws.

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