News / Press Release

Support for 260' Separation of LAX's North Runways

The Coalition to Fix LAX NOW Co-Chairs:
Gary Toebben, President / CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Ron Miller, Executive Secretary, Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council

The Coalition to Fix LAX NOW, a group of Los Angeles business and labor organizations, has pledged its support to Los Angeles World Airports’ (LAWA) recommendations that will assure the safety and maximum operational efficiency of LAX’s North Airfield. It is LAWA's best judgment that a 260' separation is the right solution and the Coalition will strongly support that recommendation.

The Coalition originally felt that a 350' separation would be the best solution for the North Runways.  LAWA has conducted six painstakingly thorough and lengthy studies all of which recommended separation of the North Airfield Runways to improve safety by up to 55 percent.  The FAA has also admonished the airport for not moving quicker to separate the runways. 

We wholeheartedly urge the Board of Airport Commissioners to adopt this recommendation and we vigorously urge the Los Angeles City Council and the County of Los Angeles to give its enthusiastic approval as well. The vital goal of modernizing LAX and making it competitive in the 21st century is now clearly within our sights.  

For nearly twenty years, the issue of the North Airfield has vexed Mayoral administrations and stymied the City’s ability to properly accommodate the new generation of larger, more environmentally friendly aircraft.  Today’s recommendation is a giant step in the right direction to create a world class airport.  We commend Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for his leadership and the work of Gina Marie Lindsey and her staff at LAWA for putting forward this recommendation. 

We are pleased to learn, also, that the recommended solution will entail no expansion of the footprint of LAX beyond its current boundaries and there will be no taking of any homes and the In-N-Out adjacent to LAX stays put. Implementation of this recommendation will also clear the way for the development of the Northside property owned by LAWA in a manner highly beneficial to the local community. 

Along with the organizations led by the Co-Chairs, The Coalition to Fix LAX NOW also includes the Central City Association, the Valley Industry & Commerce Association, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy and Jobs and many others.