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L.A. Area Chamber Partners to Launch Innovative Workforce Center

LOS ANGELES, CA — The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce’s is excited to announce the launch of the L.A. region’s first Center for Competitive Workforce.   

The Center is a result of a partnership with the Chamber among L.A. County’s 19 community colleges, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, Southern California Leadership Council and the Center for Excellence for Labor Market Research at Mt. San Antonio College.  

“The feedback we so often hear from member businesses is the overwhelming need for an educated workforce that can close the skills gap,” stated David Rattray, executive vice president of the Chamber’s Center for Education Excellence and Talent Development and President of UNITE-LA. “With a unique partnership like this one, you have leaders who are collaborating, not competing. All of us share the same goal of a workforce that is prepared to excel professionally and contribute to our economy.” 

The Center for Competitive Workforce will train, educate and upskill L.A. County residents for the industries that are relevant and dominating our economy and will assist in helping to close the skills gap. The Center will continually assess and analyze the current labor supply, demand in specific occupations and the growth of industries. Using the most current data, the Center will inform workforce development priorities and align with career technical education programs.  

"Regional workforce training is essential to continued economic growth in L.A. County. This partnership among business, education and government agencies is a much needed step to assuring that local jobs are filled by local workers," said Bill Scroggins, Ph.D., President and CEO of Mt San Antonio College.

The Center’s announcement comes as California Community Colleges launches a new campaign to promote the benefits of California Community Colleges Career Education as an affordable, accessible pathway to a rewarding, good-paying career.

Beyond immediately strengthening employer engagement with the community colleges, the future goals of the Center for Competitive Workforce will look to integrate partnerships with nonprofits, adult schools, workforce boards, the County’s five California State Universities and other four-year colleges.  

“With today’s technologically driven world, companies are changing the way they do business and they are changing rapidly. The Center for Competitive Workforce is an exciting step in ensuring Los Angeles’ workforce not only keeps up with the demands, but it also excels,” Rattray added. “This work is directly in line with our Chamber priorities, and we are excited to partner in this endeavor.”  


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