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New OneLA Regional Collaborative launches to change the face of local contracting

Innovative public-private partnership will help create opportunities and build wealth for small businesses and provide easier access to contract opportunities by combining the best of training, technology and one-on-one advising and matchmaking.

Los Angeles September 18, 2019 – A regional collaborative led by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, the County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer and Business Affairs and Internal Services Department and developed in collaboration with founding corporate sponsor, Citi Community Development was launched today to provide easier contract opportunities for small businesses.  Small business owners who have battled for years with a fragmented, antiquated and complex contract procurement system in the Los Angeles area can now count on the new public-private partnership to streamline and speed up the process and give them a fairer shot as they compete for work with agencies across the region.

The newly launched OneLA Regional Collaborative establishes a partnership between some of the largest agencies in the region seeking to connect diverse businesses to technical assistance, business resources, and public and private contracting opportunities. The partnership will accomplish this through intentional collaboration and coordination, technology solutions, and business support at the scale that Los Angeles deserves.  

“We are thrilled to bring together this partnership to help our diverse local businesses better access the billions of dollars in opportunity throughout our county,” said Maria Salinas, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. “The OneLA Regional Collaborative will serve as a navigation system for small business and stimulate economic mobility as well as economic growth. It’s a whole new and unprecedented way for the public sector to engage with businesses and the Chamber, as the primary voice for business, is excited to lead this effort.”

The OneLA Regional Collaborative will vastly improve access to local contracts worth billions of dollars through user-friendly platforms and wrap-around support services. In place of the old system, where businesses were required to find and navigate each agency’s portals and requirements, the new program will provide a one-stop shop that positions business at the center and removes many of the barriers that  often stood in the way of the region’s diverse panoply of smaller firms.

 “I am proud to have co-authored the effort to spearhead this program that will connect qualified small businesses in LA County – over half of which are minority-owned – to a rich pipeline of contracting opportunities with local governments,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “Together with our regional partners, we are creating new and better pathways and lowering the barriers for our local diverse business owners to build wealth and scale their operations. The OneLA Regional Collaborative cuts through red tape, helps build these critical relationships, and will assist LA County in meeting our commitment to award $1 billion in contracts every year to certified small businesses.”

Agency partners and supporters are participating in different ways but with one goal in sight, to establish a no wrong-door approach to procurement opportunities and business support by placing business at the center.  The four key components to the new Collaborative program are:

Collaboration and Coordination: The Collaborative will establish a stronger regional collaboration between the private and public sector through the deliberate coordination of outreach and business support resources and the sharing of contract opportunities and best practices.

Matchmaking & Relationship Brokering: The Collaborative will create meaningful relationships and connections between agencies, prime contractors, business owners and technical assistance providers.

Training & Advising: The Collaborative will provide cohort-style training with the support of federal small business technical assistance programs and input from public agencies and community partners. The Collaborative will offer personalized one-on-one advisory services to small diverse enterprises through the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce, public agencies, prime contractors, private sector and personal assistance programs.

Easy Certification & Contract Matching: The Collaborative is built on certification reciprocity and offers open access to the Avisare procurement platform – an innovative and easy-to-navigate cloud-based tool allowing small businesses to attain the necessary certifications and apply with the County and other government agencies. OneLA will allow local businesses to create self-service accounts, entering the information required by public entities only once. The program will streamline the sourcing and vetting process, make it easier to apply for certifications, advertise all contracting opportunities offered by