Action Alert: City of Los Angeles Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

April 6, 2020 3:00 pm
by L.A. Area Chamber


The Los Angeles City Council has approved the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance. Mayor Garcetti typically has 10 days to approve or veto items sent to his desk if adopted urgent forthwith by the City Council. However, he can use his Executive Order to legislate while in a State of Emergency. His last day for consideration of the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance is tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7th. The ordinance, as written, creates a significant financial burden for businesses who already provide paid sick leave. Requirements for supplemental paid sick leave will burden businesses struggling to survive this pandemic.

Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

  • City Council approved 80 hours of supplemental paid sick leave for full-time employees with part-time employees' paid sick leave calculated based on the employee's two-week pay.
  • Applies to businesses larger than 500 employees.
  • Includes language that allows an employer to negotiate an exemption through their Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  • Expires on Dec. 31, 2020.


Current Status

The Paid Sick Leave Ordinance is currently on the desk of Mayor Garcetti awaiting his signature.


Why Should I Care?

The Paid Sick Leave Ordinance will have detrimental impact on all businesses in the City of Los Angeles with greater than 500 employees.

  • Paid Sick Leave is supplemental to the benefits a business already provides and could impair staffing needs.
  • Employees can use the supplemental Paid Sick Leave without a doctor's note.
  • Many employers are providing generous additional paid time off benefits during this time.
  • May require businesses to reopen collective bargaining agreements at a significant cost and burden to the organization.

During this pandemic, businesses need flexibility to operate their businesses. More regulation is a stress on business in general, but especially in a time of crisis like today.


What Can I Do To Help?

Contact Mayor Garcetti.


What Should I Say?

  • COVID-19 has caused many businesses to be in survival mode.
  • Given that many businesses are shut down and are not generating any revenue, many employers have stepped up and are paying supplemental benefits and their employees' wages.
  • These benefits should be required to fill a gap and not be supplemental to the benefits employees currently pay.
  • Many businesses will experience financial stress if this policy is adopted.
  • Businesses need the maximum flexibility as they try to survive the impacts of the pandemic.
  • We need support not regulatory burdens that further constrain a business.


Contact Information

Mayor Eric Garcetti:; 213.978.0600

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