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L.A. AREA CHAMBER commends voters for election victories

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November 5, 2020

L.A. AREA CHAMBER commends voters for election victories

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce commends California voters for a record turnout in the historic 2020 election and is proud that our values aligned with the electorate who prioritized the economy as critical to recovering from the effects of the devasting pandemic. During this pandemic, people's health, workers' health, job retention, the economy, and economic recovery are all front and center for the Chamber to ensure that we are delivering on our vision and mission.

Clearly voters realized the current recession was the wrong time to increase taxes with Proposition 15 which would have imposed a devasting cost to small, women and minority owned businesses struggling to survive and stay open during the current pandemic.  Voters also rejected Proposition 21 which would have provided a major disincentive to addressing the housing shortage and building affordable housing.

Additionally, we applaud voters who supported the school district by approving Measure RR which provides $7 billion for building, repairing and modernizing local public schools and create more jobs for local residents.

We will continue to champion public policy that does not stifle or create unnecessary barriers for innovators and job creators and promotes equity, equal access and educational opportunities for all.  


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