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Proposition 11 – the Voters FIRST Act – is the single most important initiative on the Nov. 4 General Election.  Prop. 11. will bring fair redistricting reform to California and is the first step in putting a stop to the partisan gridlock that is crippling Sacramento and preventing our legislators from addressing the issues that matter most to business.

That is why the L.A. Area Chamber joined with the League of Women Voters, AARP and California Common Cause to co-author Prop. 11. Today, the initiative is supported by nearly 2,000 consumer, taxpayer, public interest and business groups statewide.

As election day rapidly approaches, nearly every major newspaper in the state has weighed-in and endorsed Prop. 11.  Below are excerpts from opinion pieces endorsing this important initiative.

Why should Californians support Prop. 11?

Voters are supposed to choose their representatives, but in California, political parties select their voters. That kind of power is destructive and inherently anti-democratic. It must end, and Proposition 11 will help end it.
-Los Angeles Times Editorial, Sept. 12, 2008

Under the current system, leaders of both parties meet in back rooms and carve up the state after each 10-year census. By dividing up communities based on party prerogatives, they ensure safe seats for incumbents or designated heirs, creating legislative districts that resemble a mix of distorted Rorschach blotches.
-Sacramento Bee Editorial, Oct. 10, 2008

One of the things underscored by both the state budget debacle last month and the Wall Street bailout last week is that elected officials aren't working for voters' best interests. That's because they don't have to, thanks to gerrymandered political districts that ensure whatever party- anointed candidate put before voters in certain districts will win.
-L.A. Daily News Editorial, Oct. 14, 2008

Will Prop. 11 make a difference in Sacramento?

The only way to change this lassitude is by creating a downside for inaction. And the obvious way to create that downside is by drawing political district lines in which incumbents are at risk every election if they let problems continue to fester. This is why we kick off our review of the 11 proposals on the Nov. 4 state ballot with an urgent call to support Prop. 11, the redistricting reform measure, which is more important than the other 10 propositions combined.
- San Diego Union-Tribune, Sept. 11, 2008

The passage of Prop. 11 would be a major first step toward improving the political system. Ending the conflict of interest inherent in California's redistricting process and replacing it with one that is open, inclusive and adheres to clear rules that respond to voters, rather than incumbents, is a critical part of systemic reform.
Leon Panetta, former Democratic member of Congress and White House Chief of Staff

The bottom line:

Join every major newspaper in California and groups like AARP, Common Cause, the League of Women Voters, ACLU, California Chamber of Commerce, NAACP California State Conference, California Police Chiefs Association, League of California Cities, California Conference of Carpenters, and California Democratic Council in voting Yes on Prop 11.

And that's The Business Perspective.

Gary L. Toebben
President & CEO
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

The Business Perspective is a weekly opinion piece by Gary Toebben, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, produced with the input of Samuel Garrison, Vice President of Public Policy.


by Gary Toebben, President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

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